Old growth forest and rainforest

Old growth forest and rainforest are rare ecosystems and provide important habitat for many threatened species. Logging is not permitted in old growth forest and rainforest on both private and public land in NSW.

Old-growth forests (PDF 392KB) are ecologically mature forests. They often have a diverse structure and mix of species, with relatively large old trees which may contain hollows. The protection and management of old growth forests is extremely important in maintaining biodiversity.

The rainforests of NSW range from lush, subtropical forests to dry vine thickets. Rainforest can vary in structure, species composition, climate and soils.

Landholders may apply to have maps of old growth forest or rainforest supplied with their approved PNF Plan reviewed, if they believe they are not accurate. For more information on applying for an assessment of old growth forest and rainforest on your land, and the protocols for re-assessing these forest types, see the LLS website.