Private Native Forestry Codes of Practice

The Private Native Forestry (PNF) Codes of Practice (the PNF Codes) establish a regulatory framework for the sustainable management of forests, guiding private native forestry operations in NSW.

The PNF Codes are the key documents against which we assess compliance for native forestry operations on private land.

The PNF Codes:

  • contain provisions to maintain and/or improve environment outcomes and
  • set minimum operating standards for harvesting in private native forests.

Important update

On 2 May 2022, 4 new PNF Codes were introduced across various areas of NSW. They are:

  • Northern NSW
  • Southern NSW
  • River Red Gum Forests
  • Cypress and Western Hardwood Forests.

These codes were effective immediately and replace any former Code of Practice. There are a number of changes within the new PNF Codes which landowners and contractors should be familiar with, to ensure operations are carried out in a compliant manner.

These PNF Codes state that forestry operations approved under a PNF Plan must not start until a Forest Management Plan (FMP) has been approved by Local Land Services, unless specific circumstances exist. That is, existing Forestry Operation Plans are no longer valid and harvesting operations carried out without an FMP could amount to an offence against section 60ZZA of the Local Lands Services Act 2013.

We are responsible for monitoring compliance with, and enforcement of, PNF Codes of Practice across NSW. The requirements of the PNF Codes of Practice are the responsibility of both the landowner and timber harvesting contractors. A timber harvesting contractor must sight the FMP, read and understand it and have it on site at all times whilst harvesting. Landowners and contractors must ensure the harvesting operation is carried out in accordance with the relevant Code of Practice.

Each PNF Code has a field guide designed to help operators apply the relevant Code during operations. Silviculture guidelines have also been written to provide owners and managers of native forests on private land with essential information on ecologically sustainable forest management. 

The Codes, field guides, and silviculture guidelines can be found on the LLS website.