Private native forestry advisory notes

The Private Native Forestry Codes of Practice (the PNF Codes) state that certain forest features such as habitat trees, wetlands, old growth and rainforest must be protected from potential harm caused by forestry operations. These advisory notes provide advice and guidance on how to ensure these features are protected and conserved.

The Code contains

  • prescriptions to ensure the protection of vulnerable flora and fauna
  • provisions to protect Aboriginal cultural heritage places and objects

The EPA has prepared these advisory notes to help landowners and forestry contractors apply the requirements of the Code. They provide information on threatened species, cultural heritage and biodiversity.

Note: On 30 April 2018, Local Land Services assumed responsibility for PNF approval and extension services. The EPA retains its role in relation to monitoring of compliance with the PNF Code of Practice, and related enforcement activities. See more information on these changes

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