Closed organics funding programs

These programs have now ended.  

Program About the program Status

Love Food Hate Waste education

This program funded eligible organisations to deliver projects that help households or businesses reduce the amount of edible food they waste.

This funding program is closed. Check out Love Food Hate Waste on Facebook, Instagram, or online for more tips on reducing your food waste.

Program has ended

Organics Infrastructure (large and small) Program

TheWaste Less, Recycle MoreOrganics Infrastructure (Large and Small) Program (2013-21) provided $57 million over 9 years to fund infrastructure and equipment to reduce food and garden organics waste going to landfill through five funding streams:

  • Stream 1: Organics Processing Infrastructure
  • Stream 2: Business Organics Recycling
  • Stream 3: Food Donation Infrastructure
  • Stream 4: Product Quality
  • Stream 5: Transfer Stations

More information about this closed program is also available through the NSW Environmental Trust.

Program has ended

Organics Collections grants

This program funded new or improved local council household kerbside collection services for food and gardenorganics, including collection systems for gardenonly,food waste, or a combination of both.

This funding program is closed. If you are a council planning to roll out a FO/FOGO kerbside service, the new funding program Go FOGO grants is available as well as resources like the FOGO Masterclass Series.

Program has ended

Food Donation Education

The Food Donation Education grants supported projects that increased the efficiency and capacity of food relief organisations to collect and redistribute more good quality surplus food, rather than it being sent to landfill.

This funding program is closed. If you provide food rescue and/or relief, there is a new grant and rebate funding program. And more information on Food Donation.

Program has ended

Organics market development grants

These grants support market development activities to improve the demand for compost processed from source separated organics by increasing knowledge and awareness, improving product quality and demonstrating its benefits in new and innovative markets.

This funding program is closed. More end market information, podcasts, and videos are available on Cool Compost.

Program has ended


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