Contaminated mulch management plan

The Contaminated Mulch Management Plan (CMMP) (PDF 3MB) provides clear guidance to manage the contaminated mulch placed across sites in NSW. The CMMP will ensure a consistent and safe approach for the assessment and removal of mulch contaminated with asbestos fragments and building and demolition waste. 

This CMMP has been developed by a technical working group with representatives from NSW Public Works Advisory (PWA), the EPA and SafeWork NSW. The CMMP has been developed in line with the NSW Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017 (WHS Regulation) and relevant Codes of Practice, or the requirements under other relevant legislation.

The CMMP applies to various land uses including private residential properties, places of worship, educational and care facilities, public open spaces such as parklands, playgrounds and areas adjacent to footpaths and commercial and industrial land use settings. Management of the sites may differ as some sites may not be open or accessible to the public. 

For further information regarding the assessment and management of contaminated mulch, please contact the EPA on 131 555.

For further information on safe removal of contaminated mulch, please call SafeWork NSW on 131 050.