Botany Bay

Located in Sydney’s south-east, the suburbs in and around Botany Bay are culturally diverse and thriving regions with a rich heritage dating back to the early days of colonisation.

Its proximity to the water made the Botany Bay area a logical home for industrial development in the early 1880s. This was followed in the early 1900s by residential development in the neighbouring precincts.

Today more than 39,000 residents live in the City of Botany Bay and over 130,000 in the neighbouring city of Randwick.

Botany Bay’s environment is a priority for the EPA

Environmental risks, such as pollution and site contamination from current and past industrial activities around Botany Bay, are key concerns for the community, government, business and environment groups.

The EPA’s purpose is to improve environmental performance and waste management and ensure the safety and wellbeing of people and the environment by minimising the risks from pollution through responsive regulation of industry.

Strict controls and monitoring and review programs are in place for activities in the Botany Bay area that are regulated by the EPA. Measures are used to control air, water and noise pollution and waste management. The EPA’s Compliance Policy has more details about our approach to regulation.

The EPA responds to incidents that have the potential for negative impacts on the environment and works closely with its co-regulators, Botany Bay and Randwick councils, local emergency services and the SafeWork NSW (formerly WorkCover).

Community members are able to raise concerns and report pollution to the EPA’s Environment line: phone 131 555 or go to

Find out more about current environmental issues and initiatives in the area and how to participate by visiting:

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