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EPA Botany Area Community Information Group

The EPA Botany Area Community Information Group is an email subscriber group that provides information about the EPA’s regulation of the Botany Industrial Park. You can sign up to receive notifications.

Environment Line

Phone the EPA or ask questions online relating to pollution for which the EPA has regulatory responsibility: phone 131 555 or visit

For more information on reporting pollution or contacting the EPA, go to the Environment Line contact webpage.

Call for submissions

No current calls for submissions.

Details about further community consultation on the independent review into off-site mercury at Orica Botany will be announced soon, but information can be provided at any time to the Environment Line.


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Industry-led community liaison groups

Environment protection licences issued by the EPA can have conditions requiring businesses to inform communities about their activities and practices, and to consult with and request feedback and input from them.

The following committees are organised and run by industry. EPA officers, along with community members and representatives from other regulatory authorities, attend these meetings.

Botany Industrial Park Community Consultative Committee

Meets three times a year to discuss general issues at BIP - phone 1800 025 138

Community Participation and Review Committee

Meets quarterly to discuss Orica’s hexachlorobenzene (HCB) waste management - phone 1800 025 138

Orica Community Liaison Committee

Meets quarterly to discuss Orica’s groundwater clean-up and mercury remediation projects - phone 1800 025 138

Botany Sydney Ports Community Liaison Group

Meets quarterly and consists of community members, port operators and local councils - contact

Amcor Botany Mill Community Liaison Group

Meets every three to four months at AMCOR - contact or phone (02) 9695 3563

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