Mutual recognition

Under the Australian and Trans-Tasman mutual recognition schemes, someone holding a registration to carry out activities under an occupation in an Australian state or territory, or New Zealand, may be granted a registration in another state or territory for the equivalent occupation.

Under mutual recognition, workers must apply to the relevant regulatory authority for the equivalent registration in the state or territory they intend to work in and pay any fees.

A new automatic mutual recognition (AMR) scheme has been introduced as a streamlined alternative to the mutual recognition scheme. AMR makes it easier for most workers to work in other states and territories (excluding Queensland) with a single home registration and removes the need to apply and pay fees for an additional registration.

However, not all workers or occupational registrations are eligible for the AMR scheme, and it does not extend to New Zealand occupational registrations.

For workers not eligible for AMR or those who do not want to rely on AMR, the arrangements under the mutual recognition scheme continue to apply.

Working in NSW under mutual recognition

If you are registered in another state or territory (and not eligible for AMR) or New Zealand, you can apply to the EPA for a NSW registration under mutual recognition for: