Prevent illegal dumping

Learn about the resources available to support your campaign against illegal dumping, and about the dangers of free-fill.

EPA research shows that most people know illegal dumping is wrong. However, most people don't think they will get caught. Strategies to prevent illegal dumping therefore focus on making it difficult for dumpers to dump and encouraging people to report illegal activities.

How you can help prevent illegal dumping

  • take your waste to the right place
  • report illegally dumped waste
  • when someone disposes of waste on your behalf get proof of disposal, for example get tip dockets from your contractor
  • know what is being brought onto your land, free fill is rarely clean fill.

Resources for prevention programs

The EPA has developed resources to help local councils, industry and the community understand the dumping problem and develop prevention projects and campaigns.

Regional Illegal Dumping (RID) Squads and RID Programs combatting local illegal dumping

RID Squads are regionally based teams working for local councils which deal specifically in combatting and preventing illegal dumping. The squads are co-funded by the EPA and member councils. The RID Squads and RID Programs work together and pool resources to tackle illegal dumping.

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