Reporting and managing incidents

Your duty to report pollution incidents

If you have a ‘duty to notify’ and you become aware of a pollution incident you are required to report the incident immediately. This ‘duty to notify’ applies to

  • anyone carrying on an activity which causes a pollution incident – whether or not that activity requires a licence
  • anyone employing someone who is carrying on that activity
  • anyone occupying a premises where that activity is being carried out

This applies to any incident causing or threatening material harm to the environment.

Your duty to prepare and implement pollution incident response management plans

Licencees are required to prepare pollution incident response management plans for each licensed activity.

Emergency Pollution Clean Up Programs

Funding may be available to avoid a delay in cleaning up serious pollution where a responsible party cannot be identified in time. This funding may avoid a delay but the responsible party will ultimately be responsible for all clean-up costs.

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