Strategic plan

The EPA has released a new Strategic plan, outlining key focus areas for the next three years.

Our Strategic Plan 2021–24 together with our Regulatory Strategy outlines our clear ambition to be a modern and effective regulator. The plan describes how we will be the stewards of the environment and use all the regulatory tools to protect and enhance the environment we live in today and in the future.

The EPA has identified five areas of focus for the next three years where we will take action to be the courageous voice of the environment, finding evidence and science-based solutions to some of our most formidable environmental challenges.

We will take a proactive protective approach to ensure our land, air and water are future-proofed and enhanced for our children and generations to come.

In 2023 the plan was reviewed, with minor updates made to reflect its final year in operation. These updates include:

  • The EPA’s Statement of Commitment to Aboriginal People of NSW
  • Connecting the EPA’s vision, purpose and strategic focus areas with our annual regulatory priorities and core work
  • Establishing how the EPA works as a modern, effective regulator
  • Current deliverables for each of the five strategic areas of focus, and the strategic measures used to monitor and report on their progress.

Our vision

A healthy and thriving environment for the future.

Our purpose

Healthy environments, economies and communities.

The EPA's Strategic Plan reflects EPA focus areas and commitments for 2021 and beyond.

Our commitments in 2021–24

The EPA is focused on delivering on its vision and purpose. We have identified five strategic areas of focus for our work:

  1. Ecologically sustainable development
  2. Waste
  3. Water quality
  4. Legacy and emerging contaminants
  5. Climate change

A living plan

The plan conceptualises the work of the EPA in a different way. It is designed to continue a step change in the way we operate, building on our journey to become a modern, effective regulator.  It allows the EPA to be responsive and adaptive across the three-year horizon and to emerging environmental challenges.

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