Statement of Commitment to Aboriginal people

The EPA acknowledges Aboriginal peoples as the enduring Custodians of the land, sea, waters and sky of New South Wales.

We recognise the entire NSW landscape, including the lands, waters, plant and animal species and seas, has spiritual and cultural significance to all Aboriginal people of NSW. By this understanding there is no separation of nature, wellbeing, and cultures. The health of the natural environment, and the health of people and culture are intimately connected.

Upon the release of this Statement of Commitment and in the spirit of reconciliation, the EPA is committed to

  • work in respectful partnership with Aboriginal peoples
  • actively learn from and listen to Aboriginal voices, culture and knowledge
  • respect Aboriginal people’s knowledge and science as an equal to western science
  • weave Aboriginal knowledges and science with conventional science into the EPA’s decision making
  • act boldly and bravely to play our part to mend and heal Country together
  • ensure Aboriginal knowledge, science and indigenous cultural intellectual property is protected, and Aboriginal people have free, prior informed consent
  • address both the tangible and intangible cultural elements of environmental protection
  • deliver on results that have direct benefits for Aboriginal communities
  • embed consistent, meaningful, and trustworthy engagement with Aboriginal communities
  • develop Aboriginal cultural competency across the agency
  • increase Aboriginal employment across the agency to exceed public sector Aboriginal employment targets and to identify specific occupational gaps
  • monitor the impact of the Commitment to Aboriginal peoples, Country, culture and spirit.