East Lismore sewage treatment plant

During the flooding this year, the East Lismore Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) was completely flooded and all of the electrical equipment onsite was destroyed, rendering the plant inoperable. Lismore City Council and Public Works Advisory have been working hard and have successfully repaired the majority of the treatment process.

Currently, all of the sewerage flowing to the plant is being treated and the quality of effluent being discharged regularly complies with the EPA prescribed discharge limits. However, while the majority of the treatment process is now restored, there are still some repairs to be completed and the plant is not able to always comply with the discharge limits.

The EPA has been conducting water quality monitoring downstream of the STP. The testing includes monitoring for metals, nutrients hydrocarbons and E.Coli. The results have confirmed that the discharge is impacting on downstream water quality and water from Monaltrie Creek should not be used for domestic, recreational or agricultural purposes. Water quality monitoring results from the Wilson River near the confluence with Monaltrie Creek are also elevated and the water should not be used for domestic, recreational or for watering stock or vegetables. We are continuing to monitor downstream water quality.

Further information on the plant's performance can be found on Councils website – see https://lismore.nsw.gov.au/files/East410.pdf

For more information please contact: EPA.Northopsregional@epa.nsw.gov.au